Business License Details

Berkeley Mono business license is ideal for small to mid-sized companies. Includes full rights for using our typefaces in commercial context (For e.g. company websites, generating PDF invoices, mobile applications, ebooks, etc.). It also makes a great perk/gift for developers in your company. This license is offered on a yearly subscription basis and includes continuous font updates.

Users Billable
Desktop/Print Unlimited installs
Websites Unlimited views
Embedded & Apps Unlimited devices
Commercial Yes
Price $295 / year for first 10 users
$49.50 / user / year after that

More than 1000 users? Contact us for special pricing.

Address inquiries to: [email protected]

By placing an order through us, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Business license: $295 / year for first 10 users, $49.50 / year for each additional user.

Total: $295 / year
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