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Berkeley Mono is a love letter to the golden era of computing. The era that gave rise to a generation of people who celebrated automation and reveled in the joy of computing, when transistors replaced cogs, and machine-readable typefaces were developed, for when humans and machines truly interfaced on an unprecedented scale.

Berkeley Mono wears a UNIX T-shirt and aspires to be etched on control panels in black synthetic lacquer. It is Adrian Frutiger visits Bell Labs. It is Gene Kranz's command. It operates with calibrated precision and has a datasheet.

Berkeley Mono is a typeface for professionals.

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Marketing Animation

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Engineered for Code

By software engineers, for software engineers.

Berkeley Mono is thoroughly tested and has written production code during its entire development cycle. Engineered for reading and writing code, Berkeley Mono has excellent legibility, distinct but not distracting glyphs and a comfortable line-height. It is fitted with care to make sure it can perform as well as proportional typefaces whilst being 100% monospaced.

It's boring. It's good.

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Unlike any other

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Berkeley Mono coalesces the objectivity of machine-readable typefaces of the 70's while simultaneously retaining the humanist sans-serif qualities. Inspired by the legendary typefaces of the past, Berkeley Mono offers exceptional straightforwardness and clarity in its form. Its purpose is to make the user productive and get out of the way.

There is nothing like it.

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Box Drawing Characters

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Analogical Digitronics

Some say Berkeley Mono evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling of interacting with vintage technologies. The glow of cathode ray tubes, the wonderful tactility of a well made rotary encoder, and the calm of static user interfaces. Perhaps. But, Berkeley Mono is functional first. It doubles down on reliability of existing forms and refines it. It is comforting and yet stern, disciplined yet easy, regimented yet flexible. It is old school, understated and unfashionable. May be it is timeless.

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International - Wide Language Support

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Exceptional legibility

Berkeley Mono truly shines in use cases where legibility is important. Want to write a user manual or a movie script? It is fantastic for that. Berkeley Mono's design has a careful balance between letter-spacing and monospaced fitting. It makes reading long form prose effortless.

It will perform just as well for designing Submarine EXIT signs as for precision Japanese restaurant menu. Genetic sequencies look great. Nuclear power plant control panels? Not a problem.

Berkeley Mono is available in 4 cuts at the moment (and more to come). Variable fonts are also included.

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Ligatures, we have them!

Indulge in the visually delectable selection of ligatures offered by Berkeley Mono, perfect for enhancing your coding adventures. Our Smörgåsbord of glyphs includes a bountiful 150+ ligatures, supporting languages such as Javascript, Haskell, Swift, C# and HTML. Berkeley Mono caters to a wide audience, from mathematicians to compiler engineers, frontend engineers to FPGA programmers. And for the purists out there, we also offer a version without ligatures for those who prefer utmost explicitness in their code.

Please use the following ligatures explorer to visually evaluate our selection.

Berkeley Mono Ligatures Specimen

Ligatures Explorer

Berkeley Mono Ligatures Arithmetics On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Arithmetics Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Bitwise On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Bitwise Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Clojure On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Clojure Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Comments On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Comments Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Comparison On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Comparison Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures C# On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures C# Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Elixir On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Elixir Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Equality On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Equality Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures F# On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures F# Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Go On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Go Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Haskell On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Haskell Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures HTML On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures HTML Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Java On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Java Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Javascript On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Javascript Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Kotlin On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Kotlin Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Logic On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Logic Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Markdown On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Markdown Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Miscellaneous On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Miscellaneous Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures R On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures R Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Ruby On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Ruby Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Scala On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Scala Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Scope On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Scope Off
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Swift On
Berkeley Mono Ligatures Swift Off

Zero BS Licensing

Would you like to write code on your employer's computer using Berkeley Mono? Want to host a personal blog? It's covered. Purchase a developer license.

Send us an inquiry for commercial use and pricelist: [email protected]

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What's included

After placing an order, you'll be able to customize the font to your liking. All stylistic sets are configurable.

Berkeley Mono will continue to grow with new glyphs, cuts and features. Developer license includes lifetime updates and Commercial license includes updates extending to the end of the subscription period.

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We relentlessly, utterly, incessantly obsess over customer centricity. We strive hard to bring joy and productivity in whatever it is that you do.

Since I started using Berkeley Mono, the number of people asking “what font is that” has gone up dramatically. Just a gorgeous monospace typeface.
Andreas Kling
Founder, Serenity OS.
That would be the lovely Berkeley Mono :)
Brendan Dolan-Gavitt
Associate Professor, NYU.
If I couldn't use Berkeley Mono, I'd just quit programming and find another career.
Mikael Brockman
"It's boring, it's good."
Jeff Atwood
Co-founder, Stackoverflow.
Bought the Berkeley Mono typeface after a few days of trial. More than being beautiful, it's highly readable under various font sizes and line heights. Highly recommended.
Junyu Zhan


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